[ PROFESSOR: Doug May | CLASS: Advanced Campaigns | YEAR: 2020]
The assignment was to take a large brand and overhaul their branding. I wanted to go a little more conceptual, so I had the idea to take a brand that is dying (The grocery market, Piggly Wiggly) and create a branding plan to shift their business model into something more sustainable and modern. By getting rid of huge warehouse grocery stores, they can lower their footprint to smaller, more modern stores, that create a hipster "small-town corner market" feel, while specializing in a limited selection of fresh ingredients, in-house butchered meat, and take-and-go prepared meals. Think 7-11 meets Aldi meets Eatzi's. It's a great way for people finishing up a long day at the office to swing in and pick up a bottle of wine, salad greens & chicken breast for lunch tomorrow, and a freshly-prepared lasagna for dinner: all without having to brave the rush and endless maze of big-box grocery stores. Three marks working in a system separate the overall brand, the butcher & market, and then pre-prepared kitchen items. The challenge was balancing modern, hip, but trustworthy and historically sound. 
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